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Group Travel Options in Santa Barbara

Group Travel
Options in
Santa Barbara

Pegasus Transit is proud to provide quality transportation in Santa Barbara, simplifying your travel to for field trips, events and group outings in the area. No matter your destination, you can depend on our our fleet of coach buses, charter buses or shuttle options to simplify your large group transportation.

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Santa Barbara Tour Group Transportation

Make the most of your time in Santa Barbara with Pegasus Transit coach bus rental. Our shuttles seat up to 56 passengers, making them the perfect choice for field trips and large group travel. Renting a charter bus and driver will help optimize your travel in Santa Barbara, allowing you to better enjoy attractions like the Santa Barbra Zoo and Mission Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Charter Bus Rentals

Pegasus Transit’s charter bus rental is the solution to group transportation in Santa Barbara. Our large shuttle bus rentals seat up to 40 passengers, making it easier to organize transportation to popular Santa Barbara locations like the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Santa Barbara Shuttle Bus Rentals

Santa Barbara is close to many beautiful destinations like Shoreline Park. Pegasus Transit’s shuttle service allows your group to enjoy these views from the comfort and convenience of a Pegasus Transit shuttle bus, with the help of an experienced driver to optimize your travels in Santa Barbara.

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Pegasus Transit is the proven choice for bus rental and shuttle service in Santa Barbara.
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We received nothing but awesome praise about the bus and the driver today. Everyone was so pleased with the comfort and extremely friendly driver. It was truly appreciated.
— Michelle Salomon, Sacred Heart School