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We provide, fast, safe and reliable transportation in Westlake Village.

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Nicole C.

"Such a great experience.  The bus was new and clean and very comfortable.  The driver was very nice and we had a great time just relaxing on our trip.  It was wonderful not having to worry about anything and being able to just enjoy the ride."

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Let us handle your transportation needs in Westlake Village

Stress-free travel

Transportation is one of the biggest stress points for any traveler. You want to be able to get from point A to B quickly and easily, without having to worry about parking or traffic jams.

There are so many different bus charter services out there that it can be hard knowing which one will work best for your needs. Some offer great prices but poor customer service, while others may have excellent drivers but aren't willing to go where you need them to. 

Our company offers both quality service and competitive pricing on all of our bus charter services in Westlake Village. We know that no two trips are ever the same, so we do everything possible to meet your unique transportation needs every time you choose us for your transportation needs.

Our team of qualified drivers are ready to take you to your next destination

Our experienced team of drivers are trained to drive through any route smoothly and  get you to your destination safely and on time. Pegasus drivers are always focused and maintain high safety standards to provide you with a comfortable reliable transportation experience.

Our modern fleet of buses are equipped with comfortable, reclining seats. They also have air conditioning and heating for your comfort and are maintained to operate in all weather conditions.

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A portrait of a female Pegasus Transit bus driver.
Portrait of one of Pegasus Transit's bus drivers.

We provide transportation to some of Westlake Village's most popular things to do

Westlake Lake
Westlake Village Golf
Westlake Village Community Park

Let us handle your transportation needs in Westlake Village

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