Charter Bus

Our charter bus is SPAB certified, with a seating capacity of up to 56 passengers, making it ideal for transporting children on field trips. Also ideal for festivals and concerts.

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Comfort is our standard

Our charter bus interiors are simple, but surprisingly comfortable. Many people use them for school trips, festivals and concerts because of the simple and comfortable design. The easy to use seat belts make them very safe for children, and the elderly. The interior also consists of comfortable leather seating that is spacious so no one feels cramped.  The large windows allow a lot of sunlight and fresh air in.

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All of our buses are SPAB certified

Do you know what SPAB stands for? SPAB is an acronym that stands for School Pupil Activity Bus. It is a certification that all of our buses have, which means they are safe to use in school zones.

All of the drivers on staff with us have their SPAB certification and we take pride in keeping our vehicles updated and maintained so you can be sure your kids will be dropped off safely at their destination every time. You can trust that we've taken every measure to keep your children comfortable and safe.

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Image of highschool sports team being picked up by a Pegasus Transit shuttle bus.

Regularly maintained to keep you comfortable and safe

To ensure our buses continue to provide you with a comfortable and safe ride, our maintenance team is constantly checking the mechanical condition of each bus. We have an extensive preventative maintenance program that keeps our fleet reliable. Our buses are well-tuned and regularly serviced by our in-house mechanics, plus we clean them inside and out after every service so they are always ready for you when you step on board.

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An image of a Pegasus Transit mechanic doing a diagnosis test on one of their charter buses.
Portrait of one of Pegasus Transit's bus drivers.

Operated by professionals

Our buses are operated by professionals that have a lot of experience in the field. We work with experienced drivers that know how to adjust their driving style to the conditions on the roads and who will be able to guide you through your journey safely and punctually.

Our drivers are always dressed in a professional uniform so that you will be able to identify them easily. We do not employ any subcontractors, meaning that our entire fleet of buses is managed by us directly. This way we can offer the best possible service at very competitive prices to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

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Our charter buses are ready for your next trip

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