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San Fernando Valley Transportation

San Fernando Valley Transportation

When looking for a charter bus rental in San Fernando Valley there are a lot of choices. We think you should go with Pegasus Transit, but that is just our opinion. We want you to select the best coach bus rental in the San Fernando Valley that is perfect for you. We want to give you some tips on what you need to think about.


When looking at bus companies in the San Fernando Valley you need to ask yourself a few questions. So you can provide them to the company

  • What is the purpose of the trip?
  • How many people will there be?
  • Will there be any special needs, just as a wheelchair seat, kneeling bus for the elderly, or bag storage?

Financial Obligations

Before you agree on the mini bus rental in the San Fernando Valley take a double look at the monetary end of things.

  • What is the deposit and when is it due?
  • Are there payment plans for pre-payments?
  • What about refunds if the bus is canceled?

Driver Obligations

This is something that many don’t even think about.

  • Who is paying for the drivers hotel and/or meals?
  • How many hours can be driven straight through before the driver must legally take a break?
  • If you need a second driver for an overnight trip, how does that affect your costs?
  • What about tips?


Think about how long the ride is and the group, some groups have different requirements than others.

  • Will you need or want any amenities such as video and audio for entertainment purposes?
  • Do you need a bathroom?
  • What about reclining seats?


For any trip, whether it is long or short, plan a reasonable itinerary and ensure the bus company and the driver have it well in advance of the trip so they can respond to any requirements or stop requests you may have.

  • Where is pick up and drop off
  • Is there parking for the bus
  • Are there scheduled stops?

When looking for Shuttle bus rental in the San Fernando Valley, the cheapest is not always your best bet. You need to consider the needs of your group and take a critical look at the bus company itself. How much experience do the drivers have, how long has the company been in business and do they have all of the required state and federal certifications.

In the end, don’t be pressured to take one company over the other, chose the one that you think will be best for your group.

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