8 Ways to Show Your Wedding Guests Some Love

Published on:
September 29, 2021

When it comes to your wedding, you have a vision for how your special day will go and started planning accordingly. While it will always be your special day, you also want your friends and family to have plenty of photo-worthy moments and memorable experiences. Here’s a look at eight ways to go above and beyond for your wedding guests.

1. Rent a Photo Booth

Photo booths allow your guests to act silly and have fun while also providing them with a souvenir for the event. Guests have the opportunity to let loose and take pictures together — setting a lighthearted and interactive tone for the reception. Many photo booths print two copies of the photo, which means that one copy can be sent home with your guests and the other can be added to a keepsake book to help commemorate the reception.

2. Provide Wedding Party Transportation

One of the main inconveniences that most guests have at weddings is having to walk long distances between the ceremony and the reception venue. Whether your wedding is outside or a quarter-mile away from the parking lot, it can be difficult for your guests to walk long distances to your venue—especially if they are in heels.

You can better accommodate your guests by providing wedding shuttles to your reception venue. By providing transportation, your guests can ride in comfort without having to worry about parking, walking to the reception area, or getting lost on their way to the venue.

3. Give Gift Bags

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, then provide your guests with gift bags containing items that guests will find useful during the reception. The bags can include the monogram of your initials as a newly married couple with sunblock, tissue, fans, and water. The items you choose to include should be specifically tailored to where your wedding is held. Add their name to a tag on the bag as a personalized touch. This simple gesture will prove to be a great way to thank your guests for attending.

4. Treat Their Indulgences

Instead of only serving wedding cake at the reception, consider other treats that they can enjoy throughout the event. Spoil your guests’ taste buds by treating their indulgences with a late-night doughnut or milk and cookies. Fresh lemonade can be served at the ceremony, or a gelato cart can be present at the reception. Both options work to enhance the quality of the event.

5. Get Discounted Rates on Hotels

Many people choose to book a hotel on the night of the wedding, especially if they’re coming from out of town. Go the extra mile by contacting local hotels to get discounts on group stays, which helps your guests save during their stay. Many hotels are more than happy to offer lower rates if a certain number of wedding guests book their stay at the establishment.

6. Give Different Dinner Options

For wedding guests, food is one of the highlights of attending the event, so food options will directly affect their experience. Allow your guests to have different options to accommodate anyone that may have food aversions or allergies.

Provide gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free options to ensure everyone can indulge in the meal without worrying about their health or dietary restrictions. Work closely with your caterer in advance to create a specific menu that offers many choices with a buffet that is available on the day of the event.

7. Double up On the Music

One of the best parts of any wedding is spending time on the dance floor. You can give your guests the ultimate experience and allow them to let loose by doubling up on the music. Consider hiring both a DJ and a live band to ensure they can listen to classic tunes or the top 20 pop hits.

8. Offer Nontraditional Entertainment

Entertaining your guests will keep them occupied — without forcing them to make small talk at their dinner tables. Wow your guests by providing nontraditional entertainment. Popular options include hiring a magician, caricaturist, or a professional dancer. The entertainment will be a unique addition to the reception that isn’t expected or conventional — giving your guests something to talk about after the event comes to an end.

It’s important to think outside of the box when it comes to showing your wedding guests a great time. With thoughtful planning and a bit of love, you can make your wedding fun and memorable for everyone involved.

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