Military & Government

Military & Government Charter Service

We take the hassle out of military group travel. Pegasus Transit proudly provides transit services for veterans, wounded warriors, and active duty service members requiring transportation to and from base. Click here to schedule your military transportation service today!

Military Veterans


Are you planning on a group event for veterans? We have a variety of transportation options to get you and your buddies wherever you want to go, without having to worry about carpooling, driving, or anything distracting from just having a good time. Enjoy maximum comfort and entertainment options on your way to your destination.

Military Government Bases

Military Bases

Pegasus Transit makes military base transfers easy and efficient, with a large fleet of more than 70 buses and shuttles to get everyone to their destination safely and on time. Our vehicles also boast plenty of storage space to carry everything you need without needing extra vehicles or infringing on personal space or comfort.

Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors

Pegasus Transit has served the disabled residents of Ventura County and Los Angeles for over a decade. We specialize in providing transportation for wounded warriors when getting around can be a challenge. We have wheelchair-access shuttles and friendly drivers certified in CPR, first aid, and VDDP (Vehicle for Developmentally Disabled Persons) who ensure that all passengers are fully and safely secured before departure.

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