Contract Shuttle Service

Employee Contract Charter Service

We take the hassle out of group travel. Whether it’s a corporate group outing, school field trip, or going to watch your favorite team with friends, we’ll get you there safely.


Did you know that carpooling helps foster better relationships between employees, aside from being eco-friendly? Fighting traffic all morning can make your employees tired and in a foul mood, which is not a good way to start the workday. Keep your employees connected, productive, happy, and more punctual by providing employee shuttles to and from work.


Commuter shuttles operate during peak commute hours throughout the work week to alleviate commuter traffic and help employees get to work more efficiently. Let Pegasus Transit’s shuttle services make your city less crowded and more organized!

Off-Site Parking

Do your employees have to use off-site parking? If so, don’t make them figure out local public transportation or walk the rest of the way in bad weather. Make sure they have an easy and convenient way to go between work and the parking lot. Hire us for off-site parking shuttles to help increase efficiency and improve employee satisfaction.


Last Mile

“Last mile” is a term used to describe the movement of people and goods from a transportation hub to a final destination. Whether you want to help employees or guests get to their destination from transit stops or you need help with rapid product delivery to southern California, you can rely on Pegasus Transit’s shuttles. We will get your people and products to their destinations on time and with precision.

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