Athletic Team Travel

Athletic Team Travel Charter Service

Whether you’re heading to state or facing down your team’s local rival, you need to be sure that your players, club members, coaches, and equipment arrive safely and on-time. Chartering a bus for your next athletic event is an ideal way to facilitate safe, comfortable team transportation. Book your trip today!

Athletic School Academic Athletics

Academic Athletics

Do your middle school or high school sports team need a ride to their away games for this season? Is your school’s PE class going on a field trip? Don’t struggle through arranging carpools with parents. When it comes to academic athletics, there’s no one better than Pegasus Transit for arranging transportation. We will get everyone to their destination on time and in comfort so your athletes will be ready to perform their best as soon as they get there.

Athletic School Campus Clubs

Campus Clubs

Campus clubs need transportation too! Whether it’s a chess club or fencing club, if you have an offsite competition and you need to get your team there, let Pegasus Transit do the driving. We have a variety of different transportation options to accommodate the specific size and needs of your team, complete with plenty of space for all of your gear.

Athletic School Professional Teams

Professional Teams

Need professional transportation for college-level and professional teams in the southern California area? There’s no one better than Pegasus Transit for the job. We will get you to your game on time and in comfort so your team will arrive ready to put on their A-game. You can trust our professional, certified drivers and safe, well-maintained fleet.

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