Traveling in a Large Group: 5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your College Trip

Published on:
September 29, 2021

It’s easy to book professional bus transportation for a large group, and in many ways, this form of transportation is ideal for this purpose. It offers the freedom to go out and experience the world, but bus transportation services are not travel planners, and there’s plenty of planning that you will need to do to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

1. What Are the Benefits of Chartering a Bus for College Trips?

Whether you are a college student who is leading your class representative body to an event, a teacher and teaching assistants heading to a national park, or a school administrator taking the honors students for a day of fun in another state, chartering a bus can have many benefits:

  • Leave and arrive on time every time.
  • Plan with an experienced company for less travel day stress.
  • Have more fun than traveling individually.
  • Relax and let professional transit bus drivers drive.
  • Easier to plan one itinerary for all students.
  • Avoid surprises and participants showing up late.

2. What Will Be Needed to Make the Trip a Success?

Before booking professional bus tours, you should list your needs as well as those of your group members. Be mindful of choosing a bus that will seat your large group comfortably. Besides the number of people in your group, how much stuff you will be traveling with, and how long you anticipate the bus trip to be, also consider the mobility and any other special needs of your group members.

3. What Types of Buses Are Available?

Buses intended for transporting large groups of students to and from events are designed to be accommodating, spacious, and comfortable for long or shorter bus trips.

Coach Bus: A great choice for large groups of 56 people or less who want to enjoy a long bus trip in comfort. This bus is designed to be accommodating (wheelchair access) and luxurious (on-board restrooms, air conditioning, and multiple DVD players).

Charter Bus: This bus is a practical choice for large groups of up to 56 people and is idea for field trips, parties, and shorter bus trips.

Large Shuttle Bus: Your group of up to 40 people can arrive at the game, event or any of a number of popular or novelty college trips promptly. Premium sound systems can make the ride more fun and you will have ample space to store bags and luggage.

Shuttle Bus: This air-conditioned bus is a popular choice for bus tours and accommodates up to 20 comfortably. Those who use a wheelchair can get on and off the shuttle by a built-in ramp.

4. Are There Any Special Considerations for Safety?

Some bus tours are planned to give large groups, particularly today’s college students, opportunities to explore on their own while others simply take students to their destination then give them a ride back. It is hugely reassuring to know that your transit bus driver and control center are focused on student safety. Before choosing a company, take a look at the communication options they have. It may be app-based or a phone number, or you may have a tour guide who stays with you and communicates with the bus.

5. when Should You Book Transportation?

Some prefer to book the trip weeks in advance, whereas others plan months ahead. This is especially important since many administrators and sports coaches need to have a reliable, prompt source of transportation to take large groups of students to and from games and field trips. Choosing the right time is often a balance of how much planning you do ahead and choosing the right window for finding sales. Ask some of the companies if they offer booking discounts at certain times of year. The sooner you ask, the more likely you are to find a deal. Make time to ask all your questions and plan accordingly.

Consider your needs, budget, and schedule, then book the right bus to start building memories for your students. With our fleet of more than 50 vehicles, including coaches, charter buses and shuttles, Pegasus Transit is the perfect choice for school sporting events, college tours, band trips and more!

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