Top 5 Considerations When Planning Your Winter Wedding

Published on:
September 29, 2021

A wedding is a beautiful occasion and the memories are meant to last a lifetime. One of the most sensational seasons to get married in is the winter. Having a seasonal wedding may change some of the wedding details, so here are some tips to help you plan the perfect winter wedding.

Winter Food

seasonal wedding food

Hot appetizers are amazing for a winter wedding. Try something simple like fondue or scallops wrapped in bacon. Comfort foods are always a hit — such as lobster macaroni and cheese or classic tomato soup with a garnish of truffle oil. To add a unique twist, consider a baked potato bar. You can serve baked potatoes with a variety of toppings, including sour cream, melted cheese, and bacon. Soup is always an excellent choice for cold weather. Consider potato leek, pumpkin, or squash with a nice garnish.Adding chocolate to the menu is both decadent and fun. You can serve enticing chocolate desserts like chocolate fondue or truffles or incorporate chocolate into the main menu.


The transportation for your wedding is important since it involves getting the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception as well as transporting any guests arriving from out of town. Allow for some extra time when you schedule the transportation to ensure everything is covered.Remember to consider the number of guests prior to choosing your transportation. If you have a lot of guests arriving from out of town, you can rent a bus. You can find transportation for any size wedding party — both large and small.


seasonal wedding dress

A winter wedding is all about the romance. This being said, it is important for everyone to keep warm. Velvet is a sensational fabric for not only the wedding gown but the guests as well. A velvet bridal gown with accents of lace, seed pearls and embroidery is exquisite. The bride can also choose a more modern look with a fitted velvet suit.A veil can be attached to a matching hat for a unique flair. The complete picture is in the small details, such as a pair of elegant earrings, a unique stick pin, or a tall pair of lace-up shoes. The groom will make an exceptional appearance either in a lined suit with a turtleneck or a classic tuxedo.Warm gloves without fingers add a nice touch and will not interfere with the exchanging of the rings. The guests should consider warm knee length boots, long-sleeve dresses, and lined suits. Black, dark browns, blues, greens, and purples will add a splash or color and are completely acceptable colors at a winter wedding.


The venue options for a winter wedding are extraordinary. A rustic inn or bed and breakfast is charming, and the hospitality is unrivaled. The snow on the ground will give the wedding the appearance of an enchanted snow globe. If the wedding is taking place in the city, an observatory places the couple on top of the world. The view will be breathtaking, the atmosphere edgy, and the ceremony unforgettable.A resort on the lake provides a classic setting, beautiful views, catering, and a place for the guests to stay. Prior to choosing the venue, the couple must decide if the ceremony will be held indoors or outdoors. A winter wedding with an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception is a classic for a reason. The lights reflecting off the snow, iced, shimmering trees and majestic mountains provide a backdrop only mother nature could create. An indoor reception ensures everyone can relax in the warmth, enjoy delicious food, and dance until dawn.


seasonal wedding flowers

Dusty miller is a fantastic choice for a winter bouquet. The foliage is frosted and the texture velvety. There is a winter vibe that looks incredible when combined with pastel florals. The semi-cactus dahlia is perfect for a centerpiece during the winter. The colors are vibrant, the petals are long and shaped like stars — the effect is gorgeous. The perfect addition to this theme is Arrowwood viburnum due to its magnificent dark blueberries.The combination of these plants will create a rustic and earthy vibe. Roses are a sensational and classic choice for any wedding. The most classic of the colors for a wedding are white but yellow, peach and red are also excellent options. A bouquet of roses and baby's breath makes an unforgettable bouquet. The flowers should reflect the venue as well as the personalities of the couple for the most magical and memorable effect.

Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, it’s hard to go wrong with a winter wedding. Taking care of these details will ensure that the wedding party and guests have a wonderful time once the special day arrives.Ready to book transportation? Rely on Pegasus Transit to make your wedding day truly special. Our reliable wedding shuttle service will transport your wedding party in style. Contact us today to book wedding transportation.

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