Public Transport Vs. Private Transport

Published on:
September 29, 2021

What’s the Best Way to Get Around?

Vacations typically require some degree of planning and preparation. You have to figure out where you’re going, where you’re staying, and how you’re going to be getting around.

When it comes to transportation, you essentially have two options: public transit and private transport. With each method having its own set of pros and cons, which method is the best way to get around?

Private Transportation

Private transportation services offer an alternative to those who don’t want to use public transit.

These services include options like charter buses, private cars, private shuttle buses, and coach buses. The option that works best for you will depend mainly on the size of the group you’re traveling with.

The Pros

Private transportation services go a long way towards addressing the flaws of the public transportation system.

Better for Groups

Private transit offers a much easier way for groups to travel together.

It’s also a more reliable way to get around.

You have complete control over who you travel with since the vehicle is reserved specifically for your group. Overcrowding won’t be an issue since you can reserve the vehicle that best fits the group size you’re traveling with.


Traveling by private transportation offers a safer, more secure, and more reliable way to travel.

If you need to leave belongings on the bus during stops, you generally won’t have to worry that someone will walk off with your bag.

Transportation Caters to Your Trip (not the Other Way Around)

You will have one driver responsible for your transportation. Since they’ll be waiting for you, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time waiting for a bus to show up.

You won’t need to make stops that aren’t part of your travel plans. You won’t need to follow a route set by someone else.


Then there’s the luxury associated with door to door service. If you want a more comfortable, reliable way to travel on your vacation, private transportation services are the way to go.

The Cons

The benefits of private transportation services are many, but they still have a couple of downsides.


Since you’ll be traveling on the roads, you’ll always be subject to local traffic conditions. That can make it take longer to get to your destination, but it’s still a more efficient option than public transit.


Private transportation services also tend to be more expensive than public transit—unless you’re traveling with a tour group.

Public Transportation

Public transportation around the Los Angeles and Ventura county areas includes a variety of options: including city buses, shuttles, light rails, and subways.

Depending on where you’re traveling to and from, you may find some options better than others.

The Pros

Los Angeles has one of the most accessible public transportation systems in the country. There is significant area coverage between all the available options with various lines and routes.


Since the LA Metro doesn’t run on roads, you can bypass road traffic, which can be a blessing during rush hour.


Pricing is fairly reasonable too. You can purchase tickets for less than $2 and may even be able to buy multi-day passes, depending on the form of transportation you need.


Apps such as LA Mobile make paying and navigation even easier. They have access to information about routes, schedules, and pricing and provide you with an easy way to purchase the store and use fares.

Authentic Experience

Public transportation gives you the chance to experience the city like a local. You can meet and interact with some interesting people and have some memorable experiences.

If you are traveling and don’t want to drive around the city yourself, public transportation may be a good option for you.

The Cons

There are some significant downsides to taking public transit.

Inferior for Group Transportation

It isn’t an excellent option for larger groups who want to travel together.

It tends to be more challenging to travel with luggage. You certainly don’t have the luxury of leaving anything behind.

You also have little control over who you travel with.


If you travel during certain times of the day, you can expect to experience some severe crowding.


Authentic experiences can be overrated in some parts of LA. It can be dangerous to use public transit at night.


That is if it’s running at all. The LA Metro isn’t a 24/7 system, and other options have limited hours of operation.

LA’s public transportation is relatively reliable as a whole (compared to other large cities), but not reliable enough to be confident. It’s incredibly frustrating when you’re on time to an expected route pickup only to find out that the schedule has been delayed due to maintenance.


Even if everything is running smoothly and on time, it can take a long time to get from point A to point B.

Routes make multiple stops along the way at regular intervals.

If you have to change lines or routes, the wait times between trains and busses can be frustratingly long.

If you have to go to LAX, just that trip alone can turn into an all-day event.

LA’s public transportation system has its benefits, but it’s clearly not without its flaws.

What About Driving?

Driving your own car in a big city during a vacation can be challenging, especially if you aren’t already familiar with the area.

You have to include the cost of parking into your travel budget and deal with LA’s world-famous traffic jams.

California drivers are famously aggressive, and doubly so in the city. If you don’t know how to deal with risky, aggressive drivers in high concentrations and tight quarters, you could be at risk for an accident.

Instead of driving your own vehicle, take advantage of private transportation opportunities to reduce transportation-induced stress. For the ultimate vacation experience, private transportation services are the way to go.

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