Common Wedding Day Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Published on:
September 29, 2021

Wedding day disasters are an unfortunate reality—everyone has heard horror stories. When it comes time for your own big day, you hope that you won’t be faced with such challenges. Luckily, you can take steps to avoid some of the most common wedding day disasters. Set yourself up for an easy wedding by reading these five common problems and tips to resolve them.

Wedding Vendor Cancellation

A missing DJ, photographer, or caterer can seem like your worst nightmare come true, but if you create a plan B, you will not even blink an eye at a cancellation.

Take the time to enlist friends with specific skills to serve as back-ups. It may not be exactly what you had planned, but something is better than nothing! For food, consider contacting a local food truck to see if they can swing by for a quick alternative to catering.The most important step in retaining your vendors is to have their contracts and check in with them often.

Inclement Weather

One problem that is always out of our hands is the weather. Most wedding venues have backup plans for rain, but sometimes things like wedding transportation can also be affected by surprise inclement weather.

If you are nervous about this, be sure to plan your wedding somewhere with fairy dependable weather to reduce the risk of major weather events. Ultimately, if it is raining and you have no indoor option, gather a bunch of cute umbrellas to make for memorable pictures and dry, happy guests.

Late Arrivals

It can feel like a disaster when the wedding was supposed to start five minutes ago but dad hasn’t shown up yet. The main thing to remember when important guests are late to the ceremony is that this is your wedding.

If you want to wait for people to arrive, you should feel at liberty to do so. Try to decide how you would feel before the ceremony if that favorite relative from out of town doesn’t make it in time. If you realize you will be sorely disappointed, give your guests time to visit amongst themselves for a few minutes and wait for them. If you are able, you could even swamp the cocktail hour and the ceremony.

To help prevent this particular issue, book wedding transportation for your main wedding party and special guests. That way all of your guests can travel together and arrive at the same time. You can start the ceremony on time with all your important guests in place before you say “I do.”

Inappropriate and Tacky Toasts

You know your brother is going to want to say something, and you know that he will think it’s hilarious while everyone else will groan. Terrible toasts can be embarrassing for everyone, and, unfortunately, they are often unexpected.

If you are worried about a particular toast, have a trusted family member review them. Your mom looking at the speeches may also discourage certain unwanted topics. Another good idea is to keep the toasts short and sweet amongst a few select individuals rather than open up the floor for general guests. If someone jumps up and embarrasses you anyway, just try to laugh it off and focus on the sweet and thoughtful speeches.

Drunk Driving After the Reception

If you are serving alcohol at your event, you might worry that someone will have too much and drive themselves home. To avoid this nightmare scenario, limit the amount of alcohol you serve, set a strict cut-off time a few hours before the end of your event, and provide transportation services.

This is your special day; try not to let any of these problems bring you down. Designate a friend, bridesmaid, or family member to handle each of these issues should a problem arise. Ideally, they will take care of the situation without involving you one bit. Invest time in briefing your good friends and family, and always have a backup plan that you will be happy with.

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