6 Considerations for Planning a Big Event in L.A

Published on:
September 29, 2021

Traveling to L.A. is something many people dream of, and this city is a top pick destination to hold a large group event. The area has much to offer in the way of attractions and accommodations, so you know everyone is bound to have a good time. And since the local weather is sunny most days, with moderate temperatures and low humidity, this climate allows for year-round planning. For best results, pick a date and start planning the particulars of your event as early as possible.

What Will You Need?

Every event is going to be a little different, so before you start researching your options, sit down and make a list of the things you will need. Is this a local event, or are you traveling? Will you be eating together or separately? Will you need catering at any point? Do you need to book entertainment? Do any of your group members have special needs that need consideration?

Guest List

The first thing you will need to plan the event is an updated guest list, complete with name, address, phone number, and emergency contact. It would also be helpful to have information about allergies and other medical conditions on hand. Ask everyone if they will be going to each attraction so you will have an accurate head count. Name tags can also be useful if not everyone in your group knows each other.


Unless you’re already local to L.A., chances are that you and your group will need to travel to the destination. Planes are quick, but let’s be honest – they can be prohibitively expensive. One cost-efficient alternative is chartering a bus. This method of transport keeps the group together from start to finish. Plus, some types of buses have accommodations to make travel more comfortable, such as built-in TVs, on-board bathrooms, and even free Wi-Fi. When you’re looking into companies to ride with, ask if they arrange private bus tours. They may work with you to develop custom tours for your event based on your time frame.


You will also need to consider accommodation for your attendees. When researching, look for a location that will fulfill most needs at one venue. Does the location have restaurants on-site or within walking distance? Does it provide conference or private meeting rooms? Do they offer catering? Do the rooms furnish free Wi-Fi? Is there a gym or swimming pool? Are group rates available? And of course, make sure to check ratings and reviews from previous customers.


The attractions you choose will be just as important as the event itself. Attendees will often decide whether to participate in an event based on the peripheral enticements involved. Make sure the attractions you offer are matched to the audience. Age and gender need to be considered to devise a formula that suits your group’s sensibilities and coordinates them with the entertainment available. Fortunately for you, Los Angeles has a broad selection of exciting possibilities. Be sure to check your guest list for any handicap needs, diet restrictions, or other considerations that may influence your attraction choices. This is another opportunity to check for group discounts.


Once you have everything nailed down, put together an itinerary packet for each of the attendees. Include the schedule of events with time, place, and a brief explanation. Part of the packet should include packing suggestions such as comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, or a swimsuit. Remind them not to forget their phone or camera chargers. Evening wear should be mentioned if there is a formal event. Also include information on the accommodations, transportation, and local attractions to round out your packet.

Planning a large event needs an organizational punch list to make sure all the details are covered. Are there items that need to be rented? Does a party planner need to be involved? Do you want flowers or decorations for your event? During your planning, keep records of whom you spoke to and the date. Make this L.A. event an exceptional excursion that the guests will remember for a long time.

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