5 Employee Benefits Important to California Companies

Published on:
September 29, 2021

According to an Employment Conference survey, 60% of people admitted that they would accept a job offer if it came with excellent benefits, and 80% would choose to get additional benefits over a pay raise.

Technology companies have already set the bar with the kind of benefits they give their employees. A good example is Google, which is famous for its overtime benefits, free lunches, chair massages, at-work haircuts, and yoga classes. Twitter also ensures their employees don’t go anywhere, thanks to their improved class benefits, catering for meals, and on-site acupuncture.

California law requires companies to give employees certain types of benefits. Benefits act like rewards in the employees’ compensation package. Employers can be made answerable in a court of law for omitting the benefits. While some benefits are required by law, other benefits are just a form of goodwill or an employee retention strategy.

Commuter Services

It can be incredibly beneficial for businesses to offer shuttle services to make it easier for their employees to commute to and from work. Shuttle services pick up employees from public transit hubs and take them to their work. Bus shuttle services not only save transport costs and reduce vehicle emissions, but also ensure a healthier and happier life for employees.

Corporate transportation also offers incredible benefits to employers. In most cases, companies see increased productivity, since these buses reduce the time spent looking for public transport or driving in heavy traffic. Providing corporate transportation is also a brilliant way for companies to comply with sustainability since the shuttle bus will reduce traffic and fuel emissions by lowering the number of vehicles on the roads.

Holidays and Vacations

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This applies to companies as well. Companies need to give their employees some time off from their duties to have some fun with friends and family. Employees have the right to attend their religious holidays, and any discrimination based on religion in the workplace is highly forbidden and can attract a lawsuit. This is, however, not a state requirement but goodwill from the employer.

Additionally, vacations are essential, although providing paid vacations is not a state requirement. If a company provides the vacation time but the employees do not use it, the employer should pay wages for such days. The law in California requires employers to pay for wages for the unused days. Companies, however, should encourage their employees to use their vacation time so that they can take some time to cool off from busy working days and regain some energy.

Wellness Programs

The health of your employees is paramount, and most companies take measures to help their staff members stay healthy. If employees spend most of their days in the office and get no time to go to the gym or carry out mandatory medical checkups, everyone loses. Companies have taken it upon themselves to ensure their employees stay healthy and fit by providing wellness programs and plans. They now offer various forms of fitness programs or stress reduction exercises to help employees manage their health. Others offer yoga classes in the morning or evening hours just before everyone goes back home. Other offices have gym rooms where their employees can pass by and work out after a busy day at work.

Employee Discount Days

Companies that sell a certain product can also ensure that their employees benefit by organizing employee purchase days where people can pick what they want at huge discounts. This gives the employees the satisfaction of using what they sell, and it can also work well as a form of advertising. Employees have first-hand experience with their products and will comfortably encourage other people to buy based on their own experiences. Even if the discounts happen once in a year or they just get a single item at a discount, they will still appreciate it so much and will be looking forward to the next employee purchase day. This can also work in the form of gifts.

Education Plans

The world is continually evolving, and anybody who doesn’t go back to school for continuous learning will soon fall out of the job market. It is, therefore, important for staff members to find time to go back to school and catch up on trends and job market demands. They should also get the necessary financial aid to facilitate their further education.

Companies now offer education plans to enable their staff to continue with their learning. Your company may not be able to afford the funds needed for tuition, but they can at least offer some reimbursement to offset some of the costs. Giving employees enough time to carry out their studies or take time off when they have to sit for exams are also excellent ways to help out.

Talented employees are not easy to find, and retaining them isn’t easy, either. Offering various kinds of benefits, such as shuttle transportation, can go a long way toward ensuring they are satisfied and not planning to leave anytime soon. You can find out what your competitors are offering and how their staff are satisfied with it and adopt the same strategy or something better. It is also a good idea to involve the employees in these benefits to find out what they would want. Practical benefits are those that employees desire the most and keep them motivated and productive.

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