10 Packing Tips for Your Next Trip - Packing tips for travel

Published on:
September 30, 2021

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, packing can be a stressful process. There is a lot to think about when it comes to packing for your next trip. To help make the process easier and less frustrating, we have put together 10 of our best packing tips. Read on below to learn more!

Travel Packing Tip # One:

Plan your packing. When you plan ahead of time, it is easier to anticipate what clothes and items will be needed for a trip and pack accordingly. It also helps reduce the stress that comes with forgetting something at home or not having enough room in your suitcase for everything when traveling!

*Some additional tips include:

  • Make a list of all of your travel items on an app like Google Keep to make sure you don't forget anything!
  • Pack items that can be layered (ex. jean jackets and sweaters) to cut down on the number of clothes you need to pack
  • Packing cubes are a great way to organize your space in your suitcase while traveling!

Pro Tip: To save room in your luggage, roll your clothing.

Travel Packing Tip # Two:

Be prepared for weather changes by packing clothing appropriate for both the time and place where you are traveling. If you know that it is going to be colder at your destination than what you would normally wear, pack a sweater or coat.

*Some additional tips include:

  • Pack clothing for different climates (ex. heavy coats if flying to Russia or shorts and light tops if visiting Southern California)
  • Pack clothing for different social events (ex. dressy clothes if going to a black-tie event or casual outfits for day trips)

Travel Packing Tip # Three:

Make sure you pack any necessary medications, toiletries, and travel items. This may include contact lenses (if not wearing glasses), an eye mask for sleeping on a plane or train, prescriptions if needed, and more!

*Some additional tips include:

  • Make sure to check the expiration date of any medications or toiletries that you are packing.
  • Pack travel-size versions of items when possible to save space in your suitcase.

Pro Tip: Prevent spills of liquid toiletries by wrapping them in plastic wrap

Travel Packing Tip # Four:

Include a list of your important contact information. When you are packing to leave on an international trip, it is always good to have all of the necessary contacts in one place. That way if something happens while you are away, there won’t be any panic trying to find someone's phone number or email address.

*Some additional tips include:

  • Make sure your contact information includes the address and phone number of where you are staying as well as any other important details such as a family member's phone number or emergency hotel contacts.
  • If it is not possible to bring a passport, make sure to have access to other forms of identification such as a driver's license or a photocopy of your passport.

Travel Packing Tip # Five:

Pack items that are multipurpose. Bring one item that will serve multiple purposes, for example, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner instead of bringing each one separately. You can pack your luggage lighter this way, then you will have room for souvenirs or other items you may purchase during your trip.

*Some additional packing tips include:

  • Pack a multipurpose shirt that can be worn as both an undershirt and outerwear.
  • Pack packing cubes that double as laundry bags.
  • Bring multi-purpose shoes to wear with different outfits
  • Bring a scarf or shawl to use as a blanket on the plane or around your neck when it's cold outside

Travel Packing Tip # Six:

Pack something comfy to wear on the plane or bus. You are not just traveling to see the sights, you will also be on a long plane or bus ride! Bring something comfortable and appropriate for the time of day that you will get off your flight/bus.

*Some additional tips include:

  • Bring a travel pillow if it is possible so that you can rest comfortably while waiting to board your flight or bus
  • Bring snacks for the ride (ex. granola bars, crackers) so that you do not have to buy food at the airport or bus station
  • Pack a pair of noise-canceling headphones if it is possible in order to block out any background noises while on your flight/bus and allow yourself a more restful flight/bus ride
  • Pack a book or other form of entertainment (ex. Kindle) so that you can stay entertained on your trip!

Travel Packing Tip # Seven:

Well, this is more of a travel tip than a packing tip, but is still good to know! Use Google Maps to plan out places you'd like to visit. This is a great way to identify the landmarks, restaurants, and other locations that you may want to visit while on your trip.

*Some additional tips include:

  • Plan out your route before you go so that you don't waste any time during your trip
  • Download a map of the area you will be visiting in Google Maps so that you can still use and get directions in case you don't have signal
  • Save locations in Google Maps where these places are located for quick referencing
  • Bring a map of the city or country that is written in English (if possible) for extra help understanding how to get around.

Travel Packing Tip # Eight:

Pack a universal adapter for international travel. This is important because it will be difficult to find the correct adapters if you forget yours! The best thing about these is that they work with any voltage or plug type so there won't be any confusion when looking for an outlet in another country

*Some additional tips include:

  • Bring chargers for all of your electronics in case you need to charge them while on the go
  • Pack a universal converter if possible so that you can use any type of plug with it
  • Bring a fully charged portable power bank just in case there aren't any outlets around to charge your mobile phone and other small devices

Travel Packing Tip # Nine:

Pack extra clothes and cosmetics for extended travel plans. You never know when something might happen and these items will be handy to have on hand.

*Some additional tips include:

  • Pack an extra pair of underwear in case the ones you are wearing get wet
  • Pack an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in case yours gets lost or run out while on your trip
  • Bring a small toiletry bag that will fit in your luggage for easy transport of all those necessary items while traveling. This is helpful because it allows you to have everything with you and is accessible without throwing clothes around!

Travel Packing Tip # Ten:

Make sure to bring enough cash when traveling internationally. It is not always possible (or necessary) to exchange currency, so it's best to have some on hand in case you need it!

*Some additional tips include:

  • Request the bills of the currency you will need from your bank if traveling internationally
  • Keep a separate small wallet with just the money that you will be using during your trip. This is helpful because it eliminates the risk of having all your cash stolen if something were to happen


It’s hard to believe that a few simple adjustments can make traveling so much easier, but the 10 packing tips we’ve shared in this post will help you lighten your load so you can enjoy your next trip. Good luck packing!

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