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If you want to do some wine tastings, then winery shuttles in Santa Barbara are the way to go. They provide reliable transportation to different vineyards and wineries. There are several advantages to using winery shuttles in Oxnard or other locations.


Southern California is a beautiful area, home to some of the best and most unique wines in California. The problem is that many of the vineyards tend to separated by several miles and traveling to different locations can be a hassle. You also have the problems usually associated with travelling in unknown territory, you need to rely on a map or GPS to find your way around and you can’t enjoy the scenery. Using winery shuttles in Ventura help reduce the hassle, all you need to do is climb aboard and be whisked away to the next location. The drivers know where they are going, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Safe Drivers

If you actually want to sample the offerings at the vineyards then you are extremely limited. You either need to curb your sampling or you need to bring a designated driver. Having a designated driver along means that there is one person in your group who really doesn’t have the full experience. Taking a winery Shuttle in Santa Ynez to the vineyards ensure that you have a safe, sober driver and can partake of the many generous offerings from the vineyards.


The drivers know the best routes to take. Winery shuttles in Ventura county are a common occurrence, your driver knows the quickest routes to get to your final destination. As a professional driver that frequently takes this route they will also be fully aware of construction delays and be able to route the tour around them, giving you the maximum time at the vineyard.


Shuttles allow passengers to sit back, relax, and enjoy the day and all the great wine. Get to know others on tours, sample Merlot and Pinot Noir, and enjoy the beautiful landscape of California.

Put concerns to rest and hire a shuttle to take guests from one location to another. They can enjoy the wineries with secure transportation from Pegasus Transit. Shuttles are economical and used in wine tours all the time. They are reliable and save time and gas. Winery shuttles are the easiest way to travel to vineyards at distant locations.

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