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  • Shuttles for Sporting Events
  • Rogby Match
  • Baseball Sport Event

Next time you are heading to a sporting event, whether it is professional or amateur, consider Pegasus Transit for all your sporting event transportation needs. We do sporting event transportation in Oxnard and surrounding areas.

Our sports and sporting event transportation service takes you to the baseball, football, hockey, or basketball game in style! Whether your team is the LA Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, or a little league game, we can take you there in style and help you cheer them on with less hassle and more fun.

Avoid the Hassles

By hiring us as your sporting event transportation in Santa Barbara you have made the event more enjoyable for you and your friends. No one has to worry about paying for tolls or parking. You no longer have to go through the insane hassle of figuring out which lot matches your gate and trying to maneuver through traffic to get to it. Our drivers handle it all for you.

Pegasus Transit for All Your Event Transportation Needs

When looking for sporting event transportation in Ventura look at Pegasus Transit. Whether you are a group of fans or the visiting team, our sporting event transportation service will get you there. Call us to schedule your sporting event transportation in Ventura County or for your sporting event transportation in Camarillo, we go everywhere. Whether it’s a small group or large, at Pegasus Transit we have vehicles that match your requirements.

Don’t Drive Tired

By the end of the game you are exhausted, it doesn’t matter if you were playing or merely watching. You get worked up and excited, all of your energy goes into the game, doing your best to ensure that your team wins. When you are that tired, it’s not safe to drive because all you want to do is relax and wind down. Pegasus transit lets you do that.

Pegasus transit is committed to providing professional, safe and reliable transportation. Our drivers are ready for you when the game is over, all you need to do is sit back and chill out. Leave the driving to the professionals.

Safety is our Priority

Drivers are trained and monitored, in accordance with federal standards, and are screened for drug and alcohol use. Pegasus Transit drivers receive training in First Aid, CPR, and basic emergency protocols. The drivers also undergo specialized training in the handling of, and interactions with the developmentally disabled.

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