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Why carpool or caravan to an event when you can sit back and relax while a professional does the driving. We remove the stress from your trip, whether the event is across town or across the state, with our professional drivers you don’t need to worry. At Pegasus Transit we do shuttles for events in Oxnard and make the journey easy and stress free for you.

So why should you hire us? We will give you ten good reasons:

1. By hiring us you don’t need to fight traffic, fill a tank, or worry about finding parking. Leave all of that in our capable hands.

2. Your group can relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about who has to drive after the event. There is no need to tally or restrict beverages.

3. Room to move. If everyone is crammed into cars then everyone is cramped and tempers start to fray. Our shuttles are roomy and the seats comfortable, giving everyone room to stretch out a bit.

4. All of the buses, used for shuttles to events in Ventura are in excellent condition. Each one is inspected for cleanliness, comfort and safety before our drivers take you anywhere.

5. We regularly maintain all our vehicles, by having us do the driving you don’t need to worry about a vehicle breaking down en route.

6. Hiring shuttles for events in Santa Barbara are economical. When you compare the cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance, parking and tolls for several cars and compare it to the cost of one shuttle rental, you are going to come out ahead.

7. No one has to drive. All members of your group can sit back and enjoy the ride.

8. Your safety is our number one priority. All of our drivers are trained and certified. Our professional bus drivers will ensure that your safety is their number one concern.

10. Travelling by bus is a fun, social event that makes the main event that much better. Your group gets to gear up for the big event on the way there & then relax peacefully or rehash it on the way back.

If you are looking to schedule shuttles for events in Camarillo, then look up Pegasus Transit. Our helpful agents will be delighted to find the perfect shuttle to meet your needs and help you schedule transportation for your event.

Whether you are looking to arrange transportation for a baseball team or a corporate meeting, Pegasus Transit is here to help. Call us today to schedule a shuttle.

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