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When arranging a field trip there is much more that needs to be done than merely scheduling school trip transportation in Ventura County. This handy list help things go a lot smoother;

1. Determine the educational goals of the trip
Every field trip should have an educational outcome.

2. Select a location and determine if they accept school groups
Several locations have problems handling large groups and frequently they need to bring in extra staff to accommodate.

3. Discuss the goals of the trip with your principal and obtain permission
Let the principal know where you want to go and why you want to do it. Let them know what you hope to obtain from this trip.

4. Obtain the standard parental permission letters and trip planning package for your school
Most schools and school districts have specialized forms and packages that must be completed prior to every field trip. These forms include insurance information, parental slips and other necessary information.

5. Contact the location for the field trip to schedule a date
Once permission has been received for the trip it is time to schedule it with the destination.

6. Arrange school trip transportation
If you don’t have transportation, then you aren’t going anywhere on the big day. Contact Pegasus Transit to arrange school transportation in Ventura. We also handle school transportation in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.

7. Send parental permission slips home
Along with the permission slips you need to send home a basic outline of the trip including the date, times and what educational goals are. Be sure to include information such as any information on appropriate clothing and footgear.

8. Integrate the field trip into your curriculum
Make the expectations of the field trip part of your classroom experience. Have the classroom be the theory part and the trip itself the practical portion of a lesson.

9. Acquire necessary adult supervisors
Use parent volunteers or comb the school for extras you can borrow for the day so that meet the requirement for adult supervision.

10. Confirm reservations with the field trip location
It never hurts to give the location a call and reconfirm your reservations, this should prevent double bookings or accidental scheduling mistakes.

11. Confirm school trip transportation
If you haven’t made arrangements for school transportation in Ventura county then you better do it now. If you have already made arrangements then contact and confirm. It doesn’t hurt if you can give them your itinerary ahead of time, so that the driver knows what to expect.

12. Make alternate arrangements for students who will not be on the trip
Every field trip has the non-participants. As a teacher you need to make alternate arrangements for the students left behind.

13. Review safety and bus etiquette
Discuss basic safety and etiquette with your students. Prior to beginning the trip the driver will also run through a quick safety review.

14. Review behavior expectations with the students
Let your students know what behavior you expect from them on the trip and what the repercussions will be for inappropriate actions.

Hopefully this list helps you make your field trip a little easier to arrange and remember to contact Pegasus Transit when you need to arrange for school trip transportation in Camarillo or anywhere in California.

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