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Many people seem to think that there are only two ways to transport a large group for a religious event. The first way is to create a caravan of cars which inevitably leads to one car breaking down while either going to or from the event. With a caravan you are also stuck at the speed of the slowest, and most cautious driver of the congregation. The second way involves renting vans to carry religious members to and from the event. This can get expensive and then you also have to find religious members who can drive the vans there and back. If you have more than about 9 people to take to the event, you will have the added expense of renting multiple vans and the hassle of finding another driver or two.

Perhaps the best way to handle religious event transportation in Oxnard, is to hire a charter bus. Not only can it be easier on the religious budget than renting multiple vans, it is also safer. You are not relying on a religious member to get you there, you are instead hiring a professional driver, who does this for a living.

When arranging for religious event transportation in Ventura, you want to make it as easy as possible on yourself, and the other congregation members. Your bus will be driven by a professional and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. There are no stressful breakdowns, no traffic to fight and you are not stuck traveling at the speed of your slowest member. All of our buses are climate controlled and optimized for your comfort.

We provide religious event transportation in Santa Barbara and most of Southern California. Whether you are looking for religious event transportation in Ventura County or religious event transportation in Camarillo, at Pegasus Transit, we have you covered.

Our certified drivers will be happy to drive you safely and comfortably to any destination. Let our drivers do all the work while your group socializes, plans the event or holds a prayer session. Our drivers will also be patiently waiting for you when the event is over and transportation is required for the trip home. All of your members can rest and relax while we handle the tedious drive back to your point of origin. Everyone will be refreshed by the time we arrive and they can safely return home.

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