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Private Bus Transportation Services for Group and Private Events

When it comes to choosing a private bus for groups and private events, you must consider the number of people, the distance to be covered, and your group’s comfort.

If you plan for a college get together, a choir outing, a casino, or a concert, our fleet of buses is well equipped to help you get to your destination safely and comfortably.

Below is our range of private bus options for you.

Pegasus Transit Luxury Coach Bus

Our Pegasus transit luxury coach bus is ideal and comfortable for long trips.

Private travel does not have to be boring. Our coach bus is equipped with radios and PA systems to keep you lively and entertained.

Vehicles also come with reclining seats that assure you of a comfortable headroom and ample leg space. You will not end up with backaches or other health conditions.

Our coaches have power outlets to allow you to charge your phone, tablets, laptops, and other digital devices. You do not have to worry about your work since you can answer emails, listen to music, or play video games along the way.

Our transit luxury coach bus has a unique wheelchair access feature and can accommodate up to two wheelchairs. It is also spacious to allow onboard bonding and team interactions.

Pegasus transit luxury bus accommodates 56 passengers, making it ideal for large groups and long trips. Get on board and let us help you get to San Francisco, Las Vegas, or a destination of your choice!


A minibus is more appropriate for a medium-sized group since it can accommodate up to 34 passengers.

Our minibus is spacious and comfortable to allow your group members to interact and make memories together. It’s perfect for church groups, concerts, and other private events.

Motorcoach Bus

Motorcoach buses can accommodate up to 61 passengers. They are perfect for large groups like class trips and weddings.

Motorcoach buses are ideal for long distances because they are loaded with amenities and perfectly designed interior cabins. They also have fitted restrooms and entertainment gadgets like televisions to keep you entertained.

The cabins are wide enough to accommodate everyone’s luggage.

Executive Motor Coach

An executive motor coach is an upgraded motor coach bus to give you the finest in luxury comfort.

Private Charter Bus Rental

Private charter bus rentals are fitted with reclining seats, extra space for luggage, and a bathroom.

Most have DVD players, power outlets, charging stations, and Wi-Fi.

Charter bus rentals can accommodate up to 56 passengers.

A private charter bus rental is excellent for family reunions, wedding receptions and other social gatherings, group outings, and corporate events. They are perfect for transporting large groups of people to concerts and festivals.

Party Bus Rental

This bus has a capacity of up to 44 passengers, and as the name suggests, it is perfect for parties, bar crawls, and other fun activities. It is comfortable and safe, ensuring all your party friends get home safely.

The Perfect Private Transportation Choice

No matter the size of your tour group, we have a private transportation vehicle rental option for you. Let Pegasus Transit meet your private transportation needs today!

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