Senior Citizen Transportation

More than 70 buses to serve you better

More than 70
buses to serve
you better

Discover the best in senior citizen transportation with Pegasus Transit. Our fleet is fully equipped with options to ease travel for your tour group and it is our pleasure to serve the Senior Citizens with quality transportation in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. If you’re seeking large group transportation to accommodate the needs of every member of your group, look no further than Pegasus Transit.

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Comfortable Coach Bus Rental

Pegasus Transit’s luxurious coach buses comfortably seat up to 56 passengers, including wheelchair access for handicap transportation. Our coach buses providing ideal comfort for day trips, scenic tours or longer road trips. Our coach buses are equipped with wheelchair access, onboard restrooms, power outlets and DVD players for added entertainment. With Pegasus Transit, comfort and convenience are a guarantee.

Wheelchair Accessible Shuttle Bus Rental

Pegasus Transit is pleased to provide private transportation for senior citizens traveling in groups of twenty or smaller with our wheelchair accessible shuttle buses. Pegasus Transit shuttle shuttle bus rentals are the perfect option to take the hassle out of your senior tours in Southern California. With comfortable seating, air conditioning and the ease of wheelchair access, your next trip with Pegasus Transit is sure to be your best excursion yet!

Large Shuttle Bus

Reserve one of Pegasus Transit’s large shuttle buses for your next midsize senior tour of up to forty passengers. Our large shuttle bus rentals provide comfortable seating for your tour group while still allowing ample storage for luggage and other equipment. Our large shuttles are equipped with a premium sound system to optimize your next senior citizen tour with entertainment and information for all passengers to hear.

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Pegasus Transit is the proven reliable choice for bus rental and shuttle service in Southern California.

We had a wonderful experience using Pegasus a few weeks ago. Thank you for all you do and helping us with our organization!
— Stephanie Keung, Calvary Baptist Church and Schools