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Transportation Service for Disabled Person

Too often we take the the ability to travel where we want, when we want to, for granted. The ability to run to appointments, or to the store is a freedom that most of us enjoy and we think nothing about hopping on a bus, hailing a taxi or even slipping behind the wheel of a car to get to our destination.

There is a huge portion of the population that doesn’t take this freedom for granted, because for them it doesn’t exist. Outings, that were once routine such as going to the grocery store, the doctor, or even out for a movie have become daily challenges.

We provide transportation for those who find it difficult to get around and offer transportation for disabled veterans in Ventura County. We have wheelchair accessible vehicles and friendly, trained drivers who will ensure that all of their passengers are fully and safely secured before departure. We provide stress-free transportation.

Wheelchair Accessible

If you, a friend or a loved one uses a wheelchair and they have no convenient or reliable transportation, Pegasus Transit can help. Whether it’s a ride to the local mall, a medical appointment, or a trip to visit family, we can get them there safely. We specialize in providing transportation for developmentally disabled in Ventura County. All of our drivers are certified in CPR, First Aid and VDDP and they understand the needs of the developmentally disabled. Many of our drivers undergo specialized training in the handling of, and interactions with, the developmentally disabled. Our drivers work with the disabled on a regular basis.

Gain Independence

Let our trained drivers help you, your family, and your friends regain some independence by eliminating the need to rely on someones good will or free time. Schedule us for all of your transportation needs and we will be there when you need us.

With over 10 years in the transportation industry Pegasus Transit knows a lot about getting people from point A to point B, and everywhere in between. We are committed to providing all of our clients with professional, safe and reliable transportation. When looking for transportation for the elderly in Ventura County look for us and we will ensure that they get to their destination safely with minimal stress.

At Pegasus Transit our first priority is the safety and comfort of our passengers and we have been successfully meeting that priority for years.

Contact us today to schedule for your transportation needs.


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